Pittsburgh for Universal Health Care

Last week, the Healthy Artists collective set out to cover City Councilman Bill Peduto’s 4th Annual Holiday Fete.  The party brought together some of the most intelligent and progressive voices in Pittsburgh.  Between black and gold martinis and grooving to the funk and soul band, we asked folks, “Why do you stand for universal health care?”


Occupy for Universal Health Care

Dr. Scott Tyson, CEO, pediatrician and long-time activist, voices his support for universal health care and belief that the Occupy movement can help to push single-payer forward. Dr. Tyson is the president of Health Care 4 All PA Education Fund – an organization founded in 2005 to educate the public about universal health care and conduct research to inform a debate about health care access in PA. Dr. Tyson is also an art enthusiast who has generously supported artists and arts organizations in the PA region.

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