One Poem by Changming Yuan

The Occupant with Apical HCM

Unlike those young strong-bodied athletes
Who may keep running asymptomatically Continue reading →


One Poem by Lynn Hoffman

The Ballad of Health Care
by The Republican Senators of the United States
-musical accompaniment on the penny whistle

Little Marie has outgrown the braces
That allow her to walk and to play. Continue reading →

One Poem by Juleigh Howard-Hobson

There There

Hush little one
don’t you cry,
Children’s Tylenol
is on the way.

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Three Poems by Laura LeHew

Queen for a Day

Do you remember that old TV show
where some smiling woman is crowned,
and wins, what every woman wishes for,
a brand new—washer and a dryer?

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One Poem by Dana Killmeyer

Single Prayer Health Care
Inspired by misread bumper sticker

Our Doctor,
Whose Art is Health Care,
Helpful be thy name.
Thy kindness felt,
Thy ill made well,
through prevention and detection.

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Four Poems by Anne Whitehouse

After the Accident

Frederick’s as careless of his body
as if he were one of the fish
he catches in the Hampton Bays.
He’s fractured his bones a dozen times;
each mending has left him
more fragile than before.

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Two Poems by Alan D Harris

Investigational Treatment

Our claim is denied. They say,
“This procedure is investigational.”
As my wife clings to life,
I wonder, who is investigating

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