Fiction by Carolyn Roy-Bornstein



“Hey, Bug.”

Caroline could barely hear her own words. (Had she said them?) The oxygen hissed up her nose through the plastic prongs. The pull of the Vicodin lured her toward sleep. Sam didn’t look up from his Spirograph, but Caroline knew that that didn’t mean he hadn’t heard her.

“Bug?” she said again. This time she detected a slight hesitation in the whirring of his pen. The symmetric designs stopped spilling onto his spiral-bound notebook.

“Do you like it?”

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Fiction by T. Fox Dunham

Aetna Land

“The pharmacist says there’s a problem,” said Anna.

Her voice cracked over the cell phone. I’d fallen asleep an hour before while writing, so I felt submerged at the bottom of an ocean, still foggy.

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Flash Fiction by Cheryl Lawton Malone

On a Scale of One to Ten, How Do You Feel?

The girl behind the glass taps her manicured nails and tells you the doctor is running late as you stand there thinking: so what’s new, but instead of saying that you wobble back to your chair, a tan number with a band-aid pattern, to watch the talking head of Bill O’Reilly on the TV, Continue reading →

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