The Healthy Artists Blog is an offshoot of www.healthyartists.org which features video portraits in which artists talk about their lives, their work, and why universal health care is important to them. To watch or submit videos, visit the main site.

The Healthy Artists blog features journalistic pieces produced by our Pittsburgh staff and audience-submitted art that directly responds to health care issues. It provides a platform in which artists can donate a portion of their time and craft to activism, while helping their art reach a greater audience.  Healthy Artists is topic-specific and selective, showcasing the finest creative arguments for universal health care and providing a general audience with an educational resource for learning more about the issue from an intellectual, emotional, and artistic perspective.


We feature music, painting, photography, sculpture, poetry, video, flash fiction, performance art, illustration, animation, comics, film, and more.  The only requirements are that the creative work be of high quality and address health care issues.

Some examples of how to approach the subject matter would be to represent the struggles uninsured Americans face, problems with the insurance industry, or the debate about health care reform in America.  You might illustrate statistics or basic facts through art.  For example, there are over 50 million uninsured Americans to date.  The U.S. spends more on health than Switzerland and France, yet they have universal health care and we don’t.  We have a higher infant mortality rate than Guam.  Prison inmates get free healthcare in the U.S. while millions of Americans walk around uncovered.  Forty-five thousand Americans die each year from manageable illnesses simply because they are uninsured.

Generally, there is no deadline for submitting and we take submissions year-round.  Simultaneous submissions and previously published work are welcome and we typically respond within a few weeks.  There is no cost to submit and no payment for accepted work. To submit, email a piece or its link to: healthyartists@gmail.com


Join the behind-the-scenes team as an intern or volunteer. Our core group is based out of Pittsburgh, PA but we welcome and encourage people around the nation to join us in some capacity. There are a wide range of tasks team members can help with including writing, editing, video production, creative decision making, advertising, and social media outreach.

To learn how to join us, contact us at healthyartists@gmail.com and put “volunteer” in the subject line.


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