Three Poems by Laura LeHew

Queen for a Day

Do you remember that old TV show
where some smiling woman is crowned,
and wins, what every woman wishes for,
a brand new—washer and a dryer?

That is exactly what it felt like when the mobile
unit came to the Walmart
and we were able to get an appointment—sometime
in the future

for a free: Susan G.
Komen Breast Cancer Grant mammogram,
for my disabled, uninsurable,

and later at the center, after her exam
she was bestowed a lovely pink carnation,
wrapped in green tissue, and all the instant mochas
she could swallow.

There is no Severe Weather in the Forecast for Today but However
a found poem

our records indicate that you are due
for breast imaging exam
please call to schedule an appointment
clinical recommendations
for follow-up
may not
correspond to insurance guidelines
it is your
to be aware of your
personal insurance
or Medicare
requirements and
to schedule
accordingly you will be required
to pay
any expenses
not covered
by your
insurance company

thank you
for allowing us to help
in meeting
health care


from a letter to my disabled sister from the Breast & MRI Center—Oregon Imaging

A Day Without Pain
“… but the Duende draws blood, and in the healing of the wound that never quite closes, all that is unprecedented and invented in a man’s work has its origin.” ~Frederico Garcia Lorca

she had one of those once
—a day after
acupuncture, cupping, massage, after
chiropractic a day edged in tears
but the day after a day of euphoric
achelessness no thoughts to bending
to pet the cat hand rails falling down
stairs picking up her purse it all just
happened and she liked to recall it
as often as she could store it looped
to her prior recording—10 years gone January—
2 weeks before surgery
the day the Celebrex kicked in every
joint mobile even the knee that refused
for months to bend the flashback to
the singular
the day without blurs
as the duende seeps in

Laura LeHew is an award-winning poet with over 300 poems appearing in over 150 national and international journals and anthologies such as Criminal Class Press, Eleven Eleven, Filling Station, Gargoyle Magazine, Pank, Uncanny Valley and Vagabondage Press’ Lyrotica anthology.  Her chapbook, Beauty, (Tiger’s Eye Press) is in its 3rd printing.  Laura received her MFA in writing from the California College of the Arts, writing residencies from Soapstone and the Montana Artists Refuge, interned for CALYX Journal and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  She was a guest editor for The Medulla Review and edits Uttered Chaos:


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